Teen Ministries

As young people enter adulthood, there is nothing more confusing than trying to figure out where they fit into life.  Recognizing that, our goal for our youth is two-fold:

Making It Mine!

  • Through Relationship – It is our goal that each of our teens would be able to say with the psalmist, “O God, you are my God!” (Psa 63:1).
  • Through Responsibility – Around the age of 12, every Jewish boy became a “son of the law” (Hebrew: bar-mitzvah).  The teen years are essential for young people to learn to take responsibility for their own walk with God by growing in the personal disciplines of Bible-reading, prayer, fellowship, and evangelism.

Finding My Place…

  • Through Submission – The only way one finds where they fit is by placing themselves under the authorities God has placed in their lives.  Our goal is to produce leaders who understand the significance of biblical roles.
  • Through Service – As Spirit-gifted members of the New Covenant community, teens are essential to body-life at Valley View – whether it’s ushering, doing sound, or listening to verses in Truth Trackers.